FHC Class of 2019 Graduation Banners
Congratulate your FHC graduate and show your FHC pride! These 2 feet by 3 feet vinyl banners can proudly be displayed on your front porch all summer long or at graduation parties. The banners will be displayed at the Senior All Night Party immediately following graduation. Banners will be sent home with students from the party or can picked up in the office the following day.

These banners will be personalized for each student. The bottom portion will be customized with the college/university name using the school colors. Alternatively, you can choose to have a simple "good luck" message.

Personalized banners can be purchased for $50. A portion of this cost will be used to help fund the Senior All Night Party. Banners can be ordered and paid for prior to committing to a college/university. Simply fill out the form, pay now and then provide the name of the college/university by May 3, 2019. The payment options will be presented after you press "Submit". All orders, information and payment must be received on or before May 3, 2019.

Sample Banner
The color of the bottom portion will change based on the school colors.
Student Name *
Please enter the student's name exactly as you wish it to be on the banner.
Your answer
Please indicate if you would like a specific college/university or simple "good luck" message. *
If you selected "Specific college/university", has your child committed at this time?
If they have not committed yet, please provide the information when a decision is made. No later than May 3, 2019.
College/university name (if committed)
Please enter the school name exactly as you wish it to be on the banner.
Your answer
College/university colors (if committed)
Please enter the school colors to be used on the bottom of the banner. Be very specific about the colors. For example - forest green and white, dark gray and bright red, royal blue and white, etc.
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Instead of a college/university, you can request a very short message. Limited to 25 characters.
Sample message: Good Luck!, Caps off to you!, You did it!, With love and pride!, Wishing you the best!
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Contact Name *
Name of person to contact with any questions.
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Contact Email *
Email address of contact.
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Contact Phone Number *
Phone number of contact.
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