Holiday Bootcamp Application 2019
It’s about that time again! HOLDAY TIME!!!

I am SO EXCITED you are here, because I know that means you are interested in working on your health and fitness AND embracing the beauty that is RIGHT INSIDE of you; EVEN IN THE CRAZY holiday season!

I want to focus on refreshing your spirit and renewing your mind over the next month because dang girl, YOU WERE MADE FOR GREATNESS and to be CONFIDENT in who you are!

This year, I want to help you make yourself a priority. No more putting everyone else first and yourself last! YOU need to fill your cup so you can love on your family and friends this holiday season.

Community and accountability is everything; I truly believe that. So this bootcamp will be a place to embrace that support, utilize new resources, show up together, encourage each other, and learn how to enjoy the holidays with balance and no guilt! I am all about a good sugar cookie and some hot chocolate with my kids and I will NOT be feeling bad about that!

This group is going to have a heavy focus on personal development, self love, and learning to embrace our true beauty inside and out through accountability and lots of GRACE! THAT is where true transformation comes from and STICKS! This is not about LOOKING better, but focusing on the INSIDE STUFF that comes within when you take time out of your day to do something FOR YOU. And I promise you're going to love the way you look and feel after we finish too! 😉

So let's do this! Fill out your information and let’s get started choosing the perfect program, nutrition plan and complete package for you to get started with. 20 - 30 minutes a day is going to change your life sister!

Once I get your information, we will get you all set up with your shop link, access to our accountability group, a fun printable from me, and we will get ready to rock the socks off this holiday season!

Can’t wait to chat soon!

XOXO, Alainee
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Any other information you would like for me to know about you? I'll be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your application! I can't wait to get to know you more - I am so honored you are interested in joining me for this challenge to embrace RISING, YOU! Let's have some fun and stay consistent together!
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