Substance Free Worcester Questionnaire
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Name (or alias):
What substance(s) are you struggling with?
How long have you been struggling?
Are you sober? If so, how long have you been sober?
What motivated you to seek treatment?
How difficult or easy was it to seek treatment in Worcester, MA?
Do you feel like a resource like will make it easier for those seeking treatment to find it?
Do you feel there is adequate treatment for co-occurring disorders? What would be the best treatment for dual diagnosis?
What are your goals for your current treatment?
What strengths have you learned since you have been in treatment to help you stay sober?
Due to your recovery experiences what would you advise young people in Worcester about substance use?
What do you attribute your success in recovery to?
How has addiction affected your relationships with friends, family, peers?
What are some common pitfalls and place that people in Worcester can avoid to stay substance free?
What resources were the most helpful to you in Worcester, MA in achieving sobriety?
What resources would you like to see in Worcester, MA to help decrease substance abuse?
What do you suggest for preventative measures for young people before they pick up a substance?
What else could the community do to make it safer?
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