COVID Survey Update
Please complete this brief survey to give us a sense of the biggest outstanding issues you are still dealing with in your schools and classrooms.
Are you still teaching virtually? *
Do you feel safe in your present teaching environment? *
Please explain.
How many students are physically present in your classroom (on average)? *
If your classroom is over-crowded have you reported it?
Check all that apply.
The JFT reporting form can be found here:
If you reported your over-crowded classroom to your school administrator, what was the response your received from your administration?
How often do you have to cover and/or split classes for absent colleagues? *
Are all staff members, including administrators, covering for absent colleagues? *
Please explain.
Do you understand the COVID-19 contract tracing protocol of the Jefferson Parish Public School System? *
Do you understand the COVID/Quarantine leave policy? *
Do you understand the rapid testing offered by Ochsner in conjunction with the school district? *
Given the recent rise in COVID cases, do you feel that the district should maintain its present instructional model or move to 100% virtual teaching and learning? *
What other COVID concerns do you have?
Where do you work? *
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