Fall20 Discipleship School Application - Female - Part B
This part of the application is confidential and only shared with a discipleship school staff member of your gender.
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Confidential Morals Questionnaire
The Bible makes it clear that we should avoid sexual immorality (I Thess. 4:3-6). Though God's forgiveness is full and complete, there is a distinction between forgiveness for past sins and necessary, biblical suitability for spiritual leadership. I Timothy 3 outlines qualifications necessary for those who desire to be spiritual leaders. Those qualifications include being above reproachand having a good reputation.

In light of this, the Discipleship School is highly concerned about the area of moral purity for students. It is critical that our students exhibit strong convictions and a lifestyle consistent with biblical standards.

A past problem in this area does not necessarily disqualify you provided: (1) it can be determined that convictions are strong and consistent with Scripture, (2) a sufficient, ;me-tested record of victory has been established, or (3) a current ongoing problem will be assessed on a case-by-case basis only if you are willing to commit to working towards victory over this struggle. The information that you share with us will be treated confidentially and will be seen only by those directly involved in your application decision. As stated previously, only staff of the same gender will read this portion of your application.
1. What are your convictions regarding premarital and extra-marital physical involvement? (e.g. petting and sexual involvement) *
2. Have you set guidelines for yourself int he physical area to ensure minimal temptation? *
If so, what are they?
3. Have you had a relationship in the past five years with a member of the opposite sex that would not be considered above reproach? (i.e. petting, sexual intercourse, extra-marital involvement, etc.) *
If so, when was the last occurrence of involvement in this kind of relationship? (Month/year) What was the extent of physical involvement?
A. SINGLES: Have you dated other men/women since the last occurrence?
Clear selection
If so, what has your physical relationship been with them?
B. Married: How has this affected your relationship with your spouse?
4. Do you currently engage in any of the following areas of struggle (i.e. temptation, fantasy, masturbation, pornography, difficulty applying your guidelines/convictions, etc)? *
If so, please explain. Also if you have tried to set guidelines/convictions, what are they?
Have you engaged in any of these activities in the past 6 months? If so, please be specific.
5. Have you ever had an unmarried pregnancy or abortion? *
If so, when? Explain the circumstances.
6. Have you had any type of homosexual relationship in your past? *
A. If so, when was the last occurrence of involvement in this kind of relationship? (Month/Year) B. What was the extent of physical involvement? (Please be specific) C. How does this affect your current relationship with the same sex?
Do you have any additional comments are clarification about anything on this questionnaire?
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