Prueba de Nivel de Ingles
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1st PART
Circle the correct option
I. Are you an architect? *
II. How old are they? *
III. What time is it? *
IV. Do you speak French? No, I ... *
V. What does he do? *
VI. Is there any food left? *
VII. My favorite writers are Borges and Cortázar, but my husband doesn't like ... at all. *
VIII. There aren't ... people downtown today. *
IX. … he have any brothers and sisters? *
X. Peter … early every morning. *
2nd PART
I. Where is your daughter? She ... over there. *
II. I'm hungry. ... something to eat, please. *
III. He ... born in 1982 in La Paz, Bolivia. *
IV. Did you … anywhere interesting last weekend? *
V. Shakespeare … in the XVII century. *
VI. Sorry, I can’t meet you tonight. I … with some friends. *
VII. This year my sister and my brother-in-law … to another city. *
VIII. I promise I …  anyone about it. *
IX. He … my teacher at High School. *
X. My father … his car last week. *
3rd PART
I. Donna understands English … well but her fluency is still limited. *
II. If it rains, I ... at home. *
III. Canada is ... than the United States. *
IV. Car racing is considered the ... sport in the world. *
V. It is rude … at someone. *
VI. What is Bob going to do tomorrow? *
VII. Have you ever gone snorkeling? *
VIII. I see you are reading the report. *
IX. How long have you lived in Tucumán? *
X. I like English. *
4th PART
I. Somewhere in the Past is on channel 9. *
II. Do you know … a bike? *
III. Can you tell me … ? *
IV. She … in the sun too long and got burnt. *
V. I gave him the book his teacher … *
VI. I … dinner when the telephone rang. *
VII. The manager hasn't arrived … *
VIII. If they … us we wouldn't have found the way. *
IX. I wish I … the university last year. *
X. That bridge …  in 1999. *
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