Digimon Card Game User Survey
Thank you for your interest in the DIGIMON CARD GAME . We'd like to hear your feedback on this game in order to further improve our products. Your opinions are valuable, and will help the Digimon Card Game team develop the game going forward.
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What do you think about the Digimon Card Game’s rarities? (Common, uncommon, rare, super rare, secret rare) *
How do you feel about the frequency of releases for the Digimon Card Game? *
Do you think playmats for the Digimon Card Game should include a memory gauge? *
Which alternate art cards from the Digimon Card Game have your favorite designs? *
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What are your thoughts on mulligans? (Rules to redraw your starting hand.) *
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Are you aware of Bandai TCG Connect? *
If Bandai TCG Connect was released outside of Japan, would you use it? *
If an online digital version of the game existed (i.e. drag and drop cards using a mouse/touch controls) where would you most want to play it?
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If an online digital version of the game existed, would you want to join official tournaments for it?
If you have any ideas for making the Digimon Card Game even more exciting going forward (events, etc.), please tell us.
If something about the Digimon Card Game’s rules, products, tournaments, or events has made you less motivated to play, please tell us.
What do you think could be improved about the Digimon Card Game?
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