2020 Referee Trivia - Week 3 (April 20)
Welcome to Week 3 of the Referee Trivia Quiz. We hope you are staying healthy and safe!

Before we start, check out this answer to the 'additional items' part of the referee equipment question from Week 2! This is a well prepared referee and if you ever see a U-Haul next to a soccer field during a game, you know who is refereeing.

Hand sanitizer; white zip ties for repairing goal nets; clipboards for game sheets; paper clips; 2 large paper clamps (home and away) for holding player/coach cards together; lots of blank ASA misconduct reports; concussion/severe weather and air quality health index protocol pamphlets; coins for coin toss; first aid kit; free kick spray; free kick spray holder; spare uniforms (socks [all colours to match shirts], shorts, shirts [long and short sleeve in Ye, Re, Bla, Blu, Gr, Pink], undershirts); spare uniform bag; spare badges; spare flags; umbrella; cooler for drinks; combination lock for equipment duffle bag; waterproof pencil case for storage of valuables (cell phone, wallet, car keys, etc).
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