Childcare Reservation Request -- Children's Ministries @ IRCUMC (Classes & Small Groups)
(Please note the submission of Childcare Reservation Requests does not guarantee childcare. Childcare is confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation notice referenced below.)

--In accordance with Florida United Methodist Conference guidelines, our Childcare Policies and Procedures have undergone significant changes. As always, it is our goal to provide exceptional care to every child entrusted to us at all times.

--The safety of your child(ren) and our staff are our top priority.

--Childcare Reservation Requests must be submitted 5 full days before the upcoming event/class.

--We are unable to provide childcare to families who do not have confirmed reservations.

--Please note that current childcare availability is extremely limited. Once we reach our student/teacher quota, we are closed to additional registrations, even if an online request has been successfully submitted.

--Childcare is confirmed when you receive a Confirmation Email/Text from Linda Benson, our Children's Ministries Director. This confirmation is applicable to a single instance of childcare. Reservations must be made for each instance of childcare, All submitted reservation requests will receive a prompt response. The assigned teachers are permitted to provide childcare to students with confirmed reservations. This list will provide staff with your contact/special needs information as well -- no physical sign-in needed. The teachers will record check-in/check-out times. Doors open 15 minutes before a meeting/class begins and prompt pick-up at the conclusion of the scheduled meeting/class time is requested.

--Our staff and any child in our care will undergo contact-free temperature checks upon arrival. We ask that you keep any child exhibiting signs of illness or who has recently been exposed to COVID 19 at home.

--Please be assured that extraordinary cleaning measures are being taken to assure the safety of your child and our staff but there is no guarantee of protection against COVID 19.

--Please practice social-distancing while waiting to check in your child.

--Please note that parent(s)/guardian(s) are not allowed in our Nursery or Classroom.

--Please check your child in at our door to our Staff.

--Please limit your child's supplies to items we may need to serve your child, preferably in a large, labeled Ziploc baggie (extras are provided outside of your child's classroom) rather than a diaper bag or backpack. (For example, as age-appropriate, several diapers, wipes, a pacifier, bottle, change of clothes, etc.)

--Please note that our staff is required to wear masks. We have adopted current Brevard Public School District policy requiring children in 3rd Grade & up and strongly encouraging those in VPK-2nd Grade to wear a mask during time in our care. If your child arrives without a mask, we have disposable masks available.

--Please note that while extra care will be taken to minimize toy-sharing and increased hand-washing/sanitizing implemented, children are children and will be treated lovingly at all times. We cannot guarantee that children in our care will socially-distance. We want Children's Ministries to be a welcoming haven and normal age-appropriate behavior is expected.

Our Assurance of Transparency -- If a family with a child in our care or staff member reports testing positive, exposure or signs of COVID 19 to our Children's Ministries Team, we will promptly inform families/staff who have had children in our care of possible exposure. This brief, informative alert will be made via email/text so parents/guardians are empowered to take appropriate precautions. Please contact us immediately with any indications of illness or exposure at 321-213-1013. Your privacy is important to us. The information shared will only indicate a date of possible exposure.

Your child is a treasure. We greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to provide exceptional childcare to your family. Every precaution taken is with the goal of keeping your child and our staff safe while in the care of Children's Ministries @ IRCUMC. Thank you for your support and understanding. Thank you for sharing your precious child with us!
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Childcare Reservation Request -- Children's Ministries @ IRCUMC
Please contact Linda at 321-213-1013 with any questions you may have.
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