2019 Sponsorship Application
The Life You Can Save will sponsor a limited number of Charity Elections in December 2019. High school students and social studies teachers may request sponsorship by submitting this application. Please note that preference is given to teams of at least two students and one teacher because of the time commitment. The application deadline is Oct 11th, 2019.
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What will a Charity Election bring to your school? [300 words max]
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Please describe your team's experience/qualifications relevant to leadership. [150 words max]
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How committed is your team to the success of this event at your school
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The time commitment for student leaders is approximately 20 hours of work. Will you commit to this work if accepted?
The event requires one hour of class time, in all social studies classes, to introduce the event and create an impactful learning experience. Is your social studies department interested in committing the necessary class time to host a Charity Election?
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