PCampCincy 2018 Post-Survey
A few questions survey to help us improve PCamp next year. Thank you in advance for any of your feedback. Only the first question is required.
How was your PCampCincy 2018 experience? *
Better Than Expected
Would you go again next year?
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Would you recommend PCamp 2019 to a friend?
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Testimonial: (If yes above,) What would you tell your friend to get them to come to PCamp next year?
Should we add in group activities to engage speakers and the attendees and mix up the day?
How would you rate the food/beverages
Better Than Expected
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How were the speakers?
Lacking in content/preparation
World Class
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Any speakers create Aha moments for you? If, so who?
Anything a speaker could've done better?
If you were to organize PCamp, what would you do differently?
Any other comments?
Feel free to reach out to productcampcincinnati@gmail.com if you'd like to talk to the organizers directly to give feedback or talk about getting involved!
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