Following the Iranian state’s attempt to repress the protests for democracy and against austerity which erupted at the end of December, student activists have been at the sharp end of the crackdown.

The many hundreds arrested include at least 90 left-wing students, probably now many more; some of the 23 definitely killed at the time of writing are also students. Security forces have surrounded and in some cases invaded university campuses. Other students are being hunted and kidnapped from their homes and dorms. Those captured may well face torture.

Student activists have raised slogans against all factions of the regime, for democracy, against capitalism, for student-worker unity. We support their demands. And we demand the release of arrested student, labour movement and other political activists immediately.

Solidarity with our comrades!

Kaveh Abbasian, University of Roehampton
Monty Shield, NCAFC NC co-London rep
Justine Canady, Students' Union UCL Womens' Officer
Ana Oppenheim, NUS NEC
Con Karavias, Education Officer NUS Australia
Rida Vaquas, West Midlands Young Labour
April Holcombe, Sydney University Student Rep Council
Hasan Patel, NCAFC NC
Anneke Demanuele, Victorian State Education officer NUS Australia
Hersha Kadkol, National Ethnocultural Officer NUS Australia
Adnan Rahman, Chair, Leicester University Labour Club
Hayley Margules, Boston College Department of History
Stuart McMillan, Sheffield SU Education Officer
Vijay Jackson, Scottish Labour Young Socialists Ordinary Members' Rep
Ali Soleimani, University of California, Davis
Tam Wilson, Abertay SU President
Maisie Sanders, NCAFC NC co-Women and Non-Binary rep
Tim Rouse, Secretary Woodside Labour Party
Edward Williamson, NCAFC Disabled rep
Helena Navarrete Plana, NCAFC NC
Alicia Fdez Gómez, Enseñante
Matthew Hurry, Left Unity South London
Charlie Porter, NCAFC co-North rep
David Bullock, NCAFC co-North rep
Naomi Burnley, Leicester University Labour Students - Vice Chair
Tyrone Falls, NCAFC NC South West Rep
Declan Burns, NCAFC NC
Baran Bayir, Hackney South and Shoreditch Labour Party Youth Officer
Andy Warren, NCAFC NC co-London rep
Mark Goudkamp, Teachers for Refugees, Sydney/ NSWTF member
George Bunn, NCAFC NC
Josh Chown, Guildford CLP Youth Officer
Andrew Peak, NCAFC NC
Dan Davison, NCAFC NC post-grad and education workers rep
Tom Zagoria, NCAFC NC
Nathan Rogers, SOAS
Dylan Dunnett, University of Birmingham
Rozhin Mohammadi, City University of New York
Mitra Ak, Reigate college
Hannah Marshall, University of Oxford
Jade Churchill, University of Leicester
Joseph Daher, University of Lausanne
Selma Oumari, New Anticapitalist Party (France)
David Turpin Jr, Antiwar Committees in Solidarity with the Struggles for Self Determination
Nazira Mehmari, Women's Rights Activist
Mira Bouchmouny, Socialist forum
Dovydas Kuliešas, University of Glasgow
Ann Eveleth, Anti-War Committees in Solidarity with the Struggles for Self-Determination
Leila Jarman, Women’s Voices Now
Gabriela Chaparro Aguirre, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Amelia Winter Estabrook, Aberdeen
Aisha C. Mahmud, KCL
Wayne Heimbach , Union Representative Chicago - retired
Jack Mansell, University of Sydney
Alma Torlakovic, University of Sydney
Emma Runswick, University of Manchester
Zhaleh Sahand
John Passant
Joane Cremesty
Behrang Zandi
Babi Badalov
Jennie Cook
Michel Riachi
Cara Brooke
Ellen Rogers
Jake Roberts
Alex Anagnoson
Dr. Matthias B. Lauer
Derek Horton
Andy Hogg
Dana Mohseni
Adele Alberti
Terry Moon
Ali Jawadi
Mostafa Kermanian
Dr. Stephen Oren
Virginia Trowbridge

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