Player of the Year 2018
For the individual who has balled out above and beyond the call of duty in 2018!

Obviously the primary determining factor in choosing the recipient of this award will be their play on the field itself – so make sure you include accounts of your chosen nominee's contributions on game day!

We're talking about things like:
• Details of where/when they've played in 2018
• Game day stats if they're available
• Video highlight reels to show off your big plays
• Quotes from team mates & coaches
• Anything else you think relevant to their claim to being THE top player in the Britball Nation through 2018

And if they happen to also be a good Samaritan who rescues puppies from fires in their day off? It won't hurt to mention their off-field activities too!

We welcome nominees from all BAFA-sanctioned formats of the game: i.e. Cadets, Youth, Junior, Women’s, University, Adult, Flag.

Deadline for nominations is 23:59 GMT on 06/01/2018

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If your chosen nominee played with multiple teams in various positions through 2018 please list them all.
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Please list your nominee's achievements through 2018 *
Any awards they've won, achievements such as selection to all-star teams/international rosters. Please ensure to any relevant game day statistics that are available (from 2018 only)
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Please give a quick summary of why, in your opinion, your nominee should be the Britball Nation's Player of the Year for 2018: *
What made them really stand out from the crowd in the past 12 months?
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Tell us more...
It's not mandatory, but why not grab some comments and quotes from your nominee's team mates and coaches (or even awe inspired opponents!) to help show their impact on others!
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Show us!
You don't HAVE to provide game tape, but it'll certainly help us see why your nominee deserves consideration!
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Anything else you think we ought to know?
Don't hold back, if you think it's relevant, we want to know!
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