Open Textbooks Faculty Survey
Thank you for completing this survey about using Open Access Textbooks, which should take about 10 minutes. Your responses will help us report faculty perspectives on using open access textbooks in California.

The California Open Educational Resources Council was created by ICAS, the Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates, to combine work being done on open educational resources by the California Community College, California State University and University of California systems. This survey is part of that work.

In case you are not familiar with how "open access textbooks" differ from other e-texts, here are some characteristics of Open Access Textbooks generally:
-- Can be viewed/read for no cost online
-- Are permanently available; do not expire
-- Can be self-printed with no restrictions
-- Can be ordered as bound print copies at costs below traditional texts
-- Can be modified/customized by faculty without special permission

For more information, please see:

Your responses are anonymous and confidential.

You are not required to answer any of the questions, but we encourage you to respond to all of them, if you are able.

For any inquiries about this project or this survey, contact Katherine D. Harris (, Project Coordinator.
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How familiar are you with open textbooks?
Are you aware of textbook prices before selecting and assigning textbooks?
Does your institutional library provide a copy of your textbook(s) for check out?
What would be the most important factors in influencing your decision to use an open textbook?
Of little Importance
Moderately important
Very important
Academic quality
Availability of ancillaries for instruction (e.g., PowerPoints, test banks)
Availability to access on multiple electronic devices
Currency of information
Flexibility to adapt the textbook to contain only chapters and materials relevant to my course
Flexibility to integrate my own teaching materials and supplements, such as slides, self-grading homework, test banks, etc.
Open to commenting by a community of users (students, faculty, public) to suggest improvements and modifications to the textbook’s content
Pertinence of the content to the objectives of a course
Effort needed to find, review, and select open textbooks
Clear selection
If an appropriate open source textbook is available, how likely are you to adopt an open textbook or parts of one?
Very unlikely 
Very likely
Open textbook adoption
Clear selection
Who selects textbooks for courses you teach?
Have you created or are currently creating any of the following?
If you were to create a textbook, what would be the most important factors influencing your decision to make it an open textbook?
Of little Importance 
Moderately important 
Very important
Time to develop an open textbook
Availability of other authors to co-develop a textbook
Assurance that the textbook would be peer-reviewed through an established process
Assurance that the textbook would be professionally edited
Availability of supplementary materials 
Recognition for efforts toward professional advancement
Support from administration (e.g., technical support, financial support or release time)
Availability of technical support
Desire to reduce cost to students
Sustainability concerns (conserve paper, trees, landfill) 
Impact on campus bookstore 
Clear selection
Educational institution
Position at educational institution
In what subject areas do you teach?
Courses taught most regularly
Please provide course number and course title
Level of study taught
Clear selection
Number of years teaching
Open textbooks reviewer
If you would like to be considered as reviewer of an open textbook in your discipline, please provide your contact information on the following form:   Stipends will be available for reviewers.

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