Maintenance Request For Pavers/Stone
At Allied Outdoor Solutions, we take pride in offering an industry-leading array of maintenance services designed to enhance the beauty and extend the life of your paver surface. We know you chose a paver application for its beauty; but it’s equally resilient, uniquely capable of repair and restoration. We hope you take advantage of everything we have to offer after installation: regular cleaning, cosmetic touch-ups, semi-annual reseals, and occasional repairs.
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Please provide the address where maintenance work is to be completed (including street number, name, city and zip code).
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Please provide at least one phone number where you will be available if questions arise during the maintenance work.
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Please select one of the below. We make assessments and repairs regardless of your answer, but our warranty is non-transferable and therefore will not apply to subsequent property owners.
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Which of the following maintenance services do you need? *
Whenever possible, a supervisor will visit your project before sending a repair technician in order to assure ourselves—and you—that we understand the issues and have the proper maintenance plan in place.
Please enter your initials below to indicate you have read and understand our warranty policies as on our website. By doing so, you affirm your understanding that warrantied items are limited to workmanship and paver material failures. You also affirm your understanding that issues relating to cracking in the concrete toe, failure of the polymeric sand, and color fading are to be expected and can often be improved with maintenance, but will not be repaired for free under our standard warranty. Furthermore, you understand that issues pertaining to cracking in the concrete toe, failure of the polymeric sand, and color fading are almost always outside of our workmen's control and therefore will not be repaired free of charge under our two year workmanship warranty. *
Thanks for providing your answers. A maintenance representative will be in contact within a week to schedule an appointment. If not, please contact us.
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