Ascot State School P&C events review
The Ascot P&C association is made up of volunteers dedicated to further improving the school and its facilities. It does this through various fundraising events and activities.

We are seeking your feedback to help us identify, select and schedule future P&C events.

The program of P&C events are delivered using scarce resources and the generous time of volunteers, therefore we are interested not only in your feedback on how best to utilise these limited resources but also in what events you as parents/caregivers want to get involved in and want your children to benefit from.

Finally, events are always a combination of fundraising and “friend” raising. Both are important to improve facilities in the school and to build a strong community. Therefore please let us know if there is an event that you would like to organise or assist in organising.

We look forward to your responses.

Byron Rienstra

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