3172 MorganFord Community Benefit Agreement Comments
Community benefit agreements are legally binding agreements with community groups/stakeholders and a developer in exchange for the developer being able to develop a property or receive tax incentives. Tower Grove South currently has a proposal for its first new large scale housing development in nearly 20 years. In order for a project to be eligible for abatement, it should satisfy a "but for" test. Meaning, that if not for the abatement, no project will happen on this site. Because it is the first, there are no comparables for lenders to compare the project to in order to approve financing. As such, without abatement, the developer cannot obtain financing for the project, and the project will not happen. Thus, it satisfies the "but for" test.

With that said, we also know that St. Louis has a history of abatement overuse and are conscious about the negative effects that can be caused for our community as a result. It is for this reason, that we are seeking to set an example for how to do development in a responsible, community-oriented way. For more information on Community Benefit Agreements and the project in general, please see the attached presentation. https://www.scribd.com/document/353022209/TGS-CBA-Powerpoint

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Please gauge your current support of the project.
What are the positive attributes that you think the Morganford project proposal has? What do you like about the project?
What are the negative attributes that you think the Morganford project proposal has? What do you not like about the proposal, what concerns do you have?
Community benefits can take many forms including affordable housing carveouts, sustainability requirements, infrastructure improvements... What type of community benefits MUST be included for you to support the project? What is non-negotiable?
What type of community benefits would you like to see, but are not necessarily required, for you to support the project? Things that are nice to have but not a must.
As the committee works to negotiate a Community Benefit Agreement, what specific things would you like the committee to consider about the impact of the project on our community and the larger St. Louis community?
Is there anything else that you would like us to consider?
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