Finding Operations Superstars - A Crowd-Sourced Guide
I'm trying to build a playbook on how to find amazing hires in startup operations.

Think of the people you've hired that you constantly think - man, how did we get this person? They can do anything. They make working fun for everyone around them. Every thing I give them they just execute on like slicing through hot butter. I wish I could find more people like this.

They might have humble beginnings or be from a top school. You might have inherited them, got them as an internal transfer, or hired them carefully.

I'm trying to figure out - because I have an idea from having been blessed with my own superstars, but I want other people's ideas - what makes them awesome and how to find them.

Everyone who participates in this genuinely will get a copy of the results!

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Think of the best hires you've made in operations. Who were they? *
Leave their names and LinkedIn profiles - so I know this is about real people. But this information will stay strictly 100% private, never published, and they'll never be contacted to tell them how awesome they are. You can leave one or a few!
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What made them so awesome? *
Tell me in detail - they help other people, they're always putting customers first, they keep learning, they show up early - everything you love.
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How did you get them? *
If you brought them on – how did you know they were good?
In interviews, how do you identify these qualities in new hires? *
How would you screen? What would you ask in interviews?
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Do you ever test people (outside interviews)? How? *
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