Residential Questionnaire
Residential Estimate Questionnaire
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Description of Proposed Project:
Measurements: (If this is a patio/sidewalk/driveway can you please provide approximate measurements I.E. Length and Width)
Is there sufficient room for a concrete truck to access the project?
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If concrete must be placed by wheel barrow please provide approximate distance of travel:
May we leave equipment on site in a secure area?
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If existing concrete must be removed to facilitate this project can you provide dimensions and thickness of concrete.
Is there any reinforcement (I.E. Rebar) in the concrete to be removed?
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Dust, Noise, Exhaust Restrictions?
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Are you aware of any utilities (I.E. Gas/Electrical/Phone/Cable/Sewer/Water/Septic System) That may be affected by this project?
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Building code requires that site work improvements do not cause stormwater runoff onto neighboring properties. Do you think your project falls under this provision?
Will the proposed work have any effect on future work?
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What is your budget? *
PLEASE EMAIL WITH 5-10 Pictures of your project area. We prefer wide angle photo's. *
Any final bid will require a site visit from one of our employees to verify site conditions and dimensions. We are a few weeks out before we can get you an accurate estimate. Please be patient with us. Thank you for contacting Cheek Construction regarding your project. *
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