The Ki Release Model Nominee Form
We are so excited about the 2018 Ki Release! This year, we're allowing you to nominate a model/nominee for the runway show.

To submit a model nominee for the 2018 Ki Release Stylist or Barber:

1) Please complete the following model nominee form
2) If your model nominee is asked to walk the runway, each nominator is asked to sell at least 10 tickets which allows the models/nominee to keep their custom hair unit, clothes and cover the cost of makeover/photos
3) Please note that nominees and nominators will responsible for their own travel expenses.

Once you have submitted this model nominee form, one of our assistants will contact you with additional information. If you have any questions, please email or contact us at 205-419-7244.

We look forward to an awesome event and having you there will help complete our vision!

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If your model nominee is selected to walk the runway, please indicate your acceptance to sell 10 tickets to support the cost of the models makeover and photos. *
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