RHG's San Andreas First Response
San Andreas First Response (SAFR) is a FiveM Roleplay Community Owned and Operated by Rebel Heart Gaming, its goal is creating a semi-realistic roleplay experience for first responder enthusiasts.
SAFR follows the same standards that RHG has set forth bringing quality over quantity to the gaming experience for players, membership to SAFR is open to anyone who wants to apply, an interview will be conducted and if accepted training for the chooses department will be provide by SAFR staff.
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San Andreas First Response a RHG Sub-Community
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We at SAFR require all applicants who want join us to go through an interview process to make sure your going to be able to fit in with our members and that SAFR & RHG is the right place for you. To go through this you are required to have Discord and a working Microphone in order to speak. Do you have Discord and a working Microphone? *
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This answer should be well thought out, quick answers will be rejected. If the department your interested in is not currently recruiting, please mention this here in addition to your response to the question above.
SAFR & RHG staff / personal reserve the right to deny any application that isn't completed or doesn't meet SAFR standards. You will be emailed at the above provided email address should be selected to move forward to Phase II of the application process. Do you understand the above statement? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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