Sweet Miles Blog Reader Survey 2018
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How did you first find Sweet Miles?
How long have you been reading Sweet Miles?
About how often do you read Sweet Miles?
How do you keep up with new posts?
What day of the week are you most likely to read Sweet Miles?
What is your biggest reason for reading Sweet Miles?
Do you most often read on desktop or mobile?
How do you feel about sponsored posts and/or affiliate links?
Have you pinned my content or would you pin something of interest?
Do you read posts in full or skim through quickly?
The length of posts I prefer is usually...
Which topics do you like to read the most?
Which topics do you like to read the least or tend to skip over?
Why do you read Sweet Miles?
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I'd love to see a future post about...
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How often would you like to see new posts in 2019?
What is one other blog YOU read, that you would recommend I check out?
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Lastly, I know Sweet Miles has changed a lot over the years. How do you feel about these changes?
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