ZeldaSpeedRuns Restreamer Signup
Hey everyone!
ZeldaSpeedRuns has majorly expanded their tournament and community race coverage in the last few months. Currently, we run multiple tournament and weekly race coverages and still want to do special events on the side.
For that, we are dependant on people from the community motivated to devote some of their free time to help us with hosting and restreaming for any kinds of events in the future, including OoTR, vanilla Zelda tournaments and community races, the ZSR Marathon, Speedgame Showdowns, relay races and so on.
Sadly we cannot offer monthly salary or anything close to that at this point, but we come up with gifts and other benefits on occasion to reward the amazing work you folks are doing.

As restreamers, you are supposed to handle the ZSR restreaming framework (based on NodeCG (http://nodecg.com)) - you will be in charge of setting up the stream, handling the race that is about to restreamed and take care of the twitch title / game.
We have 3 different remote computers now that can be used for restreaming - you don't need a powerful pc yourself.
It is still beneficial, in case the remotes are unavailable. In that case, you should have the following setup at least
CPU: I5-5600 or better | AMD Ryzen 3 2000 series or better
These CPU requirements can be lower if you have a modern, standalone graphics card (Geforce / Radeon)
Memory: 8GB of RAM
Windows 8.1 or higher
Internet: >50 Mbit Download, >4Mbit Upload

Thank you for signing up! We would not be able to do this without you!
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Please provide information about your PC (CPU, graphics card, memory) and your internet bandwidth / stability (Download and Upload)
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