PantryTrak Training Reservations

PantryTrak is an on-line data management system developed by Mid-Ohio Foodbank in Columbus, Ohio. This “Cloud” based program is designed specifically for use in food pantries and other emergency feeding sites to replace the required Ohio Department of Job and Family Services paper TEFAP forms that must be completed by clients. In addition, PantryTrak provides the agency/program with comprehensive tracking and automated, detailed reporting of services provided to clients.

• No software to download and install.
• No information is stored on your computers.
• Replaces the need for paper TEFAP forms and simplifies the registration process.
• Not having to make countless copies of the TEFAP form saves money for your agency.
• No switching to new TEFAP forms on July 1 of each year. The system automatically updates for you!
• The program automatically calculates ages when clients’ provide birthdates and automatically changes the age range data for the households.
• Provides easy to edit household size during the year.
• Allows tracking of other services provided such as clothing, meals and SNAP outreach activities.
• Allows a more personal, client focused approach.
• Provides your monthly statistics required by the Foodbank in seconds.
• Provides comprehensive data reporting which can be used in communications with funders and supporters.
• Data provided will help your agency better understand the needs of your clients.
• Completely free to use & automatically updates.

• A minimum of one computer, laptop or tablet with any web browser.
• Internet connection at the site where clients will be registered or checked-in.
• Complete the attached PantryTrak Member Agency Setup Form and submit it to the Member Services Department.
• Complete a PantryTrak training session with your key staff/volunteers that are responsible for client registration.
• Secure PantryTrak username and password provided by the Foodbank.
• Transfer client service information from PantryTrak to the Foodbank’s Monthly Report and submit the report by the 10th of the following month to the Foodbank.

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