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CONNECT, which grew out of The Minyan of Thinkers dialogue initiative, creates intellectually safe spaces to discuss contentious issues with other thoughtful, reflective young people. This is a place for deep thinkers who want to find their voice in a sea of polarizing voices. We build cohorts of 10-15 people from a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural, faith, and non-faith backgrounds to participate. Some cohorts are intra-religious, or intra-ethnic, while others are discussions across groups. In all cohorts, we seek diversity of thought, perspective, and experience.

Cohorts meet monthly for 2 hours for 6 sessions. In advance of our meetings we read scholarly articles or book chapters that serve to ground our discussions in evidence, including historical and demographic data. In addition, we develop a final product in the form of written reflection pieces based on our discussions.
• You are committed to dialogue as a path to opening up an intellectually open and honest conversation about challenging issues.
• You can commit to attending six sessions; reading pre-assigned texts prior to each session; and writing a reflection piece that can be shared publicly about anything we have touched on in any of our sessions.
First and last name
Gender or non-gender identity/ what pronouns you prefer
Racial and/or ethnic identity
Faith or non-faith identity
Current city and state
Current professional title and organization
Email address
Best number to reach you
What are the most critical questions or issues you wish you had a safe space to ponder with others?
What attracts you to this kind of dialogue-oriented, sustained learning community?
What “gifts” do you bring to contribute to the success of the community and its goal of furthering conversations in intellectually open and honest ways?
If you were to be a part of the group, what do you see yourself doing afterwards to affect positive change in your community?
Thank you for your responses! We will be in touch with you and we look forward to connecting.
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