Welcome to Our Travel Club Affiliate Program
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Only Love Travel Club Affiliate!

By joining our affiliate program, you can begin earning commission for referring our trips to your friends, family, and associates!

How much can you earn? We pay our referral agents $200 for each customer that registers to join us on a volunteer trip. This means you will earn $200 per referral simply by telling someone that you know that "you know an amazing organization that has great volunteer and cultural adventure opportunities!".

We don't recommend that you refer our services unless you absolutely love our work & what we stand for. Check out www.onlylovetravelclub.com & www.onlylovefoundation.org to learn more about us!

You are not considered an employee of our company if you apply to this program. This form just helps speed up the process when it comes to getting you paid for your referral! You will receive a 1099 tax form if you earn more than $600 per year.

Who are we?

Only Love Travel Club is the sister company of 501c3 non-profit, Only Love Foundation. Our organization builds schools and brings educational resources to impoverished & underdeveloped communities around the world. We designed safe and comfortable school structures to create a better learning environment that will allows children in circumstances to have higher chances of prosperity.

So, how can you refer our services to your friends, family, associates, & more? - Simple! Just start noticing when people in your life are searching for a non-profit, volunteer, travel/study abroad program, and if they're interested, to let us know you sent them! We ask each and every client who works with us who referred them & they are able to put your name in the referral section. Please also let us know when you refer someone via email & we will let you know when their project has been paid in full for you to receive your commission! If a client decides to cancel their project, we will pay you 10% of what they did pay us to ensure that you are being fairly compensated!

We do recommend joining volunteer abroad/travel groups on Facebook as they are the easiest way to reach this niche of potential volunteers!

We hope this covered everything! If you have any additional questions regarding our referral program, please email us at ct@onlylovefoundation.org
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