MCW Chemical Library NMR Screen - Protein Candidate Pre-Submission Form
Basic Information
1) Principal Investigator Name:
2) Name of person submitting protein:
3) Phone number:
4) Protein name (including residue range of submitted protein):
5) Exact sequence of submitted protein (including affinity tags, amino acids left after protease cleavage, post-translational modifications, etc.):
6) Protein Database ID (Uniprot, NCBI, etc.):
7) Molecular Weight (kDa):
8) If you are screening multiple proteins, is this target your top priority?
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Protein Expression
9) Have you ever expressed and isolated this protein before?
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If YES to question 9
10) Typical yield (mg/L) in rich media:
11) Typical yield (mg/L) in minimal media:
12) Preferred buffer conditions:
13) Buffer conditions NOT tolerated:
14) Molar extinction coefficient (ε280 nm):
15) Estimated maximum protein solubility (µM or mg/mL):
Note: Default storage is at 4°C and default experimental temp is 25°C. If this is not tolerated, indicate preferred storage conditions below:
Sub-Cloning of Protein
16) Is your protein sub-cloned into an expression vector?
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If YES to question 16:
17) What expression species?
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18) What vector (e.g. pET 28b, pQE 80, pGEX 6P-1)?
If NO to question 16:
19) Do you need plasmids for bacterial expression?
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Structural Information
Structure known?
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Sequence of submitted protein identical to structure?
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PDB accession number(s) (NMR structures preferred if known):
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