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What an accomplishment! You are among the top of the top here at Queen's and we have noticed. Your amazing cumulative GPA is something that you should be very proud of - we certainly are. You have worked hard and we want to help you further your education goals if that's something you may be considering.

We believe you could be a good fit and a strong applicant for one of our Master's programs here at Queen's. It's students like you that help us understand our world better and make it a better place for tomorrow with the amazing research that our graduate students participate in and lead everyday.

You probably have a summer planned full with activities, but if you can squeeze one more thing in, we have some current grad students that would love to chat with you (via email, Skype, phone or whatever channel you prefer really) about their experience and whether Grad School is the right path for you.

Why summer, why now, you ask? Come the fall you will be busy with school and although all Grad students get paid to learn, if you submit your grant applications mid-fall, you are going to get paid even more (yes, it's not a myth - it's true - you get paid to go to Grad School). So by meeting with a current grad student this summer, they can help you determine path, maybe connect you with a professor and even help you start your grant application.

If this is something you would like to consider let us know so we can match you up with a current grad student as soon as possible.

Again - congratulations on your achievements so far. We can't wait to see you in the fall.

Cha Gheil.

Barbara Crow, PhD.
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Queen's University

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