MSYP 2023 Participant Application Form
Please complete this form in English. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, please note that the application process is selective and applications are judged on their quality. In this instance, quality refers to:

- The level of detail given on yourself and your interests
- The evidence provided for your genuine interest in participating in the program and what you hope to gain from it
- The quality of written English demonstrated (note: this criteria will have less influence on the outcome of your application than the others mentioned)
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Why specifically are you interested in participating in MSYP? Which aspects of the program appeal to you? (200 words max.) *
Please write down at least 3 personal goals you are hoping to achieve at MSYP. These can be short.
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If successful in your application, are you able to participate in MSYP for the full 3 weeks (19.6.23 to 7.7.23)? *
If you answered no to the above question, please give more detail. Note: preference is usually given to applicants who are able to participate fully in MSYP
Emergency contact information
In order for you to participate in MSYP, we need to have the contact details of an adult (18+) parent/carer/family member who we can contact if we have any concerns about your wellbeing during the program. Note: this is not applicable if you will be 18+ years old yourself for the entirety of MSYP. If this is the case, please write 'NA' below.
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