Thank you for your interest in facilitating Dialogues Circles at either or both of the Southern Arizona youth conferences being held online this Fall. We hope you’ll decide to join the Center for Community Dialogue & Training in lifting up youth voices in our community. Your skill, commitment, and time are greatly valued!

Here is more information about the two youth events happening virtually this Fall, 2020.
Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) 2020 [www.youthandpeace.org]
September 25, 2020, 8 am–1 pm, via Zoom
Number of Trained Facilitators Needed: Up to 40

Tucson’s Annual Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) started in 2011 as a collaborative, community-based, peace-building, youth leadership and violence prevention project for youth throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. YPC goals include: educating and empowering youth to make healthy life choices and gain effective tools to become leaders, practice nonviolence, build peace and strengthen social justice. The Youth & Peace Conference prioritizes youth leadership in planning and presenting this annual event. Both the 2019 & 2020 YPC have a major focus on addressing gender-based violence

Teen Town Hall [https://www.metedu.org/youth/]
November 13, 2020, 8:00 am–1:00 pm, via Zoom
Number of Trained Facilitators Needed: Up to 40

Using Dialogue Circles format, hundreds of students throughout Tucson and Pima County have an opportunity to discuss their concerns directly with their community leaders, including superintendents, law enforcement representatives, elected officials and more. The results of the Teen Town Hall are shared with Arizona state legislators during Civic Engagement Day each spring by the Youth Advisory Council.

Center for Community Dialogue & Training [https://www.ourfamilyservices.org/center/]
The Center for Community Dialogue & Training, a program of Our Family Services, has partnered with the Youth & Peace Conference, and Teen Town Hall, for several years. The Center and its skilled volunteers help Southern Arizonans of all ages and perspectives discuss challenging issues in a skilled, civil, and respectful way through mediation, facilitation, communication training, and events that build skills and spread constructive dialogue.

Are you interested? Excited? Learn more about the requirements for being a volunteer virtual facilitator at these dynamic and inspiring events and register for the event(s) themselves.
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