BookBags To-Go at Leland Township Library
In order to support our younger patrons and their parents, we are now offering a selection program for children’s books. This program gives the parents the option to request children’s books based on their child's (or children's) grade level. Within 1 week day of submitting your order, our staff will prepare 5 to 20 books tailored to your request.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the BookBags To-Go form. You can choose how many books you would like and make requests for specific topics there.

2. Our staff will prepare your order and contact you when your books are ready. Please allow at least 1 weekday for our staff to select your books.

3. Once your order is ready, you can either call us for curbside pick-up outside the library during our normal open hours, or come to the front desk to pick up your books.

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Q & A
How long can I keep my books?

They are checked out for our usual 3-week check-out period.

Can I select multiple topics?

Yes, although we ask that you select no more than 4 topics per-order to allow our staff time to select and gather materials for everyone who would like to use the service.

What if there aren’t enough books available for the topic(s) I’m interested in?

Our staff will let you know and, if possible, suggest a similar topic.

How can I pick up my books?

Following CDC recommendations for library usage we are encouraging curbside pick-up, but the building is open to the public if you prefer to pick up your order at the desk. You can call us at 231-256-9152 to schedule a pick-up time for curbside pick-up, or call us from the parking lot at any time during our open hours and we will bring your order to you.

Can I select my own books from the catalog?

Of course! For those who would prefer to select your own of books, you may want to browse our children’s collection by subject using our special kid’s catalog ( This also allows you to choose your own search terms while limiting your search to only children’s books.
Please let us know if you have any other questions, concerns, or needs.
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