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One Hold Request per student - multiple family members require multiple request submissions.

Hold Request Guidelines

Here at East West Kung Fu, we offer our students the privilege of putting their enrollment on hold. This is a unique feature that simply doesn’t exist in other businesses in our industry. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, it is important that you are clear on how the hold request procedure works. Please see the guidelines below:

1. Hold requests must be for 7 days or longer.
2. The length of time of a hold request cannot exceed the amount of time remaining on the program. For example, if there is one month remaining on the program, a hold request can not exceed one month’s time.
3. The maximum cumulative hold time cannot be linger than the total length of the program. For example, no more than 12 months of hold will be approved on a 12 month enrollment.
4. Hold requests must be placed before the start date of the requested hold. In other words, we do not back date holds.
5. Placing your account on hold must be done through this form, and will not be accepted through verbal request or emails.
6. When a request is submitted within the appropriate time frame and falls within the guidelines outlined here, you will receive an email confirmation of the approval of your request. Please keep these for your records.
7. The amount of hold requests allowed per program are as follows:

12 Month = 3 times

8 Month = 2 times

4 Month = 1 time

We are happy to offer the hold request option, and it is a huge benefit to our students. All we ask is that you adhere to the guidelines in order to make the most of your training here with us at East West Kung Fu.
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