Application for Beltane Festival Stall Holder 2020
If you are interested in operating a stall at the Into the Wild Beltane Festival 2020, we would love to hear from you!

Please bear in mind that there are a limited number of places and applications are competitive. Catering opportunities are fully booked.

If we confirm your application via email, each member of your stall team will be required to purchase a general admissions ticket. We do not charge a pitch fee, rather Into the Wild will receive 15% of the stall’s takings. This means that small and new stalls have the opportunity to come, but this requires your honesty for the stall holder to please honour this agreement.

Please fill out this application form, before applying, please take into consideration:

• We do not provide electricity
• You can arrive from Wednesday at 10am
• Your stall must be set up and open at 9am on Friday
• Set down is Monday at 1pm
• All stall holders need to have left the site by 8pm Monday
• If you need to use a vehicle as part of you setup, you will not be able to move this for the duration of the festival
• Each member of your team must purchase a full admission ticket

We intend to reply within ten days of receiving your email. but we will confirm whether your application has been successful by 15 March at the very latest.

We look forward to hearing from you! :-)

If you have any questions, do get in touch:!
Stall holder's first name *
Stall holder's second name *
Stall holder's telephone number *
Stall holder's email address *
Stall holder's home address *
Name of stall *
Website or Facebook for stall, if applicable
Description of goods/services *
Size of structure in metres: *
If you have a live-in vehicle that needs to be near the stall, please bear in mind that once in place on the Thursday, you will not be able to move this for the duration of the festival until 1pm Monday. Please provide details of the vehicle model, size and registration number:
We encourage all stall holders to let people know about the festival through their mailing lists, invite friends to the event on Facebook and advertise their stall on the event Facebook page: Are you happy to do this? *
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