Born-Digital Archives Questionnaire
Consent and Confidentiality
Principal Researcher: Allana Mayer, independent researcher,

You are being invited to participate in a questionnaire that will collect information about archival and special-collections holdings. The purpose of this study is to assess the current state of digital holdings in Canadian and international archives and cultural institutions. The results of this questionnaire may be published in a peer-reviewed article in an academic journal, or used in future academic projects or presentations.

This survey has been conducted since 2013, and is now run every second year. The results have previously been presented at the Association of Canadian Archivists 2015 Annual Conference. You can view the slides from that presentation here:

Collected data will be encrypted and retained for a period of seven years after collection ceases. Information will be kept confidential at all times, to the best ability of the Principal Researcher. The use of Google Forms as a platform for this survey indicates that the data are stored in an unidentified location, and participants are encouraged to make informed decicions about submitting responses.

All questions are optional. Participants can skip any question. Feel free to skip to the end and press "submit" at any time if you are unable to complete the rest of the questionnaire; partial responses are encouraged.

Names of institutions and departments are asked for in order to aid the analysis of responses about the same collection. All responses are anonymous; IP addresses and account names will not be collected.

It is expected that this questionnaire will take ten to twenty minutes to complete. There are six pages of questions:
- Your institution
- Your institution's holdings
- Your institution's born-digital access
- Your institution's computer terminals
- Your institution's born-digital preservation
- Final comments about the survey

Participants will not be able to amend, edit, or delete their contributions once the questionnaire is completed.

If there are any questions about the terms of the questionnaire, please contact the Principal Researcher. Thank you!
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