DEF CON 2020: Bitcoin Bounty Hunters Case #1
Even after the recent arrests, the #TwitterHack funds are still on the moved. Do you have the answers necessary to close the case?
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1. How many bitcoins did the hacker receive in 24 hours? (EASY)
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2. How many transactions did the hacker receive in 24 hours ? (EASY)
3. When was the date of its last activity? (EASY)
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4. Which exchanges have been exposed? (MEDIUM) (Exchange names + Txn hashes)
Formatting: ExchangeName(Transaction Hash), ExchangeName2(Transaction Hash),...
5. Which wallets did the hacker send the money to in 24 hours? (Top 3 receivers) (EASY)
Formatting: WalletAddress, WalletAddress, WalletAddress
6. Which 3 wallets sent the most money to the hacker? (EASY)
Formatting: WalletAddress, WalletAddress, WalletAddress
7. Where is the money now? List top 3 addresses or entities. (HARD)
8. Which mixer addresses did you find during the investigation? Support your evidence. (MEDIUM) (Hint: You may need other tools)
9. Post your sharable CISO investigation link on Twitter or LinkedIn (EASY) (Include link to post)
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