#AUniversalPass: Students for Academic Justice
We hear you. The students of American University have vocalized their concern about their academics and we are taking action.

As COVID-19 grows more intense, we urge the administration of American University to promote justice, educational equity, and community wellness by adopting a Universal Pass system for Spring 2020.

Although we support AU's first step in offering a Pass/Fail system -- it is wholly insufficient. Making the system optional puts struggling students who might choose the Pass/Fail option at an overwhelming disadvantage when it comes to graduate school, scholarship opportunities, employment, and beyond. The American University community has been adversely affected by this pandemic, and not a single student's academic career should suffer as a result.

Anything short of a universal action plan will discriminate against the most marginalized students. Internet access, privacy, living in the same time zone as professors, and being quarantined in safe homes are all privileges. At this time -- a time when our community must stand together to keep each other safe and alive -- privilege cannot and will not be a prerequisite for success.

Sign below to stand together for educational equity and justice.

We would also like to thank the #NoFailYale team for their support and content-share.

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