PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter Volunteer Form
Thank you for volunteering! By sharing your time, experience and expertise as a PMI volunteer, you will develop leadership skills, expand your professional network and earn professional development units (PDUs) if you are a PMI credential holder! Note: Volunteers claim their PDU(s) on their own after they complete the volunteer work. You may claim 1 PDU for every hour of volunteer service under the Giving Back/Volunteering category (maximum number of PDUs allowed under the Giving Back category is 25 for PMPs).
Once you fill out the form, our PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter Lead for the specific volunteer activities will contact you.
Which event are you interested in volunteering? Please note that you still need to register for PDD and make a regular payment.
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Can we include your name on our website, newsletter, and/or LinkedIn message after the event to recognize you as a volunteer?
Can we post on our website, newsletter, and/or LinkedIn message pictures of you volunteering at the event as a way to recognize your contributions to the event?
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