Web Design Syllabus
Richard Weaver
Inderkum High School
Course Description *
The Inderkum High School Web Design class focuses on individual and cooperative learning to enable the student to develop functional skills in productivity software, as well as an understanding of key computer concepts. Immersed in an active, engaging learning environment, the student will build a foundation in knowledge of common computer software, hardware, and typing proficiency. This competency with common productivity applications will enable the student to leave the class confident and capable of putting computers to practical use in a professional setting. Students will attain proficiency in the following application: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Dreamweaver, & Wordpress
Course Materials *
Students will need access to a computer with internet access. This can be at home or the public library. Phones, Ipads, or kindles will not work.
Class Rule *
Do not disrupt the learning environment of any person. Persons are you, others, and the teacher. You must follow are District Acceptable Use Policy at all times.
Homework Expectations *
The class has no assigned homework. If you are sick, have a sport games, or are unable to show up for class, all work must be finished on your own time.
Grading Policy *
Grades will be by total points. The larger the project, the most points it will be worth.
Office Hours *
Mr. Weaver is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 8am. Students may come during that time to work on assignments or turn in work for a grade.
Makeup policy *
Makeup work, tests, and quizzes will only be given for legitimate absences. Unverified, Unexcused, and Suspensions are not legitimate absences. Make up tests and quizzes must be done within THREE days of the student’s return. Any assignment over 1 month old that is not completed will not be considered for credit. It is the student’s responsibility to check for missing assignments on the website or to speak to the teacher immediately upon their return to class. Test and quizzes may be taken a second time for a higher score but the student must 1) show up for 30 minutes before school to study the content and 2) must make up the test within 3 days of the original test or quiz.
Financial Obligation *
The equipment in this room is expensive. Students will be financially responsible for any equipment they damage maliciously (this does not include accidents). This includes paying the replacement costs of computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, headphones, and special computer desks. Please be responsible.
Excessive Absences *
Per the Administration Regulation AR 5121(d) -"Teachers who choose to withhold class credit because of excessive unexcused absences shall so inform the students and parents/guardians of such a possibility at the beginning of the school year or semester." Consider this being informed. Excessive absences may result in no credit.
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