2020 Southern Crusade
CrossFit Wild South Presents the 2020 Southern Crusade.

Saturday 1st February - Male and Female - Teens, Masters, Rx and Scaled

Male (CANCELLED DIVISION) and Female Teens (14-16years)
3 Workouts including an all in FINAL
6 male + 6 Female spaces ONLY
$100 – 1st place, $75 – 2nd place, $50 – 3rd place.
Teen division age is your age at the time of the event (14, 15 or 16 years old ONLY).

Male and Female Masters spaces (40+)

12 male + 12 Female spaces ONLY
3 workouts plus a TOP 6 Male + TOP 6 Female FINAL
$150 – 1st place, $100 – 2nd place, $50 – 3rd place.
***Masters division age is your age at the time of the event (40 years or older).

Male and Female OPEN Divisions

Our goal for the Southern Crusade as an event has always been to remain inclusive for the CrossFit Community. Having the OPEN division structured in this way, we believe, achieves this.

This goes a long way to solving the age-old dilemma of "should I Rx the division or not?". This year's event allows you decide which version of the workout best suits YOU for YOU to get the best outcome for YOU, as you do day in and day out at your box when your coaching team write it on the board.

This division will be programmed and scored as per the CrossFit Games OPEN.
Athletes will be required to select which version of the workout they will complete, the "Rx" OR the "Scaled" version.
The workouts will be released in the week prior to the event.
18 male + 18 Female spaces ONLY (1 division each) 
All athletes will complete 3 Workouts with an "Rx" and "scaled" version available for each.

There will be a 4th workout, a TOP 6 Male + TOP 6 Female Final, to award overall division placings.

$150 – 1st place, $100 – 2nd place, $50 – 3rd place.

If you are ONLY intending to volunteer, please follow the form as we still need your name and t-shirt sizing.

***You need to register and pay to secure your spot, spaces are limited.
***Prizes are cash or sponsors product up to the value listed above.
If you are unsure, talk to your Affiliate owner/Coach as soon as possible.

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