Totally Graced 3 Year Blogiversary Survey!
Hello, friend! Just wanted to ask you a few quick questions to hopefully make this blog a better place:) I LOVE YOU!
How long have you been reading Totally Graced?
How did you land on this site?
How do you follow?
What are your thoughts on my writing style?
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Do you like the blog's aesthetic?
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What is your favorite kind of post?
What is your LEAST favorite kind of post?
Is there a kind of post that I never do, but you'd like to see?
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How often should I post?
Generally speaking, do you enjoy reading Totally Graced?
If you could change one thing about the blog, what would it be?
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What is your favorite thing about the blog?
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ANY OTHER COMMENTS? Concerns? Tell me the best thing that happened to you today. Ramble about life. Tell me about your cat. ANYTHING <3
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Leave me your link! I'd love to check you out <3 (If you'd prefer to stay anonymous, that's fine as well.)
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