2019: Emerging Mobility Trends in Cities
The great SEA (Shared, Electric and Automated) transition has already started and is impacting cities across the world. This 10 min survey* has been developed to gain a better understanding from city staff on the current state of emerging mobility trends in their city, how they're developing and what's coming next. This information will be incorporated into the City Insights work and will be posted on the ETA website.  Your name, email address, affiliation or comments will not be identified or attributed to you. We greatly appreciate your contributions to this effort.

 *This survey is intended for city staff or public agency policy makers. Questions cover topics on Shared (Car and Micromobility ), Electric and Automated vehicles, Vision Zero, Curb and Data Management, and staff capacity needs.
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1. Shared Mobility. Do you have any of the following services in your city? (Choose all that apply) *
How do the newest shared mobility providers gain access to operate in your city? *
How would you rate your overall interactions and experience with the shared mobility providers? *
Does your city view these services as helping to  meet its goals?
Does your city have a Shared Mobility/Emerging Mobility board approved policy or executive order?
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Does your city have a Vision Zero board approved policy or executive order?
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Does your city have an Automated Vehicles board approved policy or executive order?
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2. Electric Mobility. Do you have publicly available electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the city? *
Do you have electric vehicles as part of your municipal fleet? (Choose all that apply) *
What is the key barrier to expanding charging infrastructure or electric vehicles in your city? *
3. Automated Vehicles (AVs).  Do you currently have AVs testing/operating in your city? (Please check all that apply) *
Have any AV companies expressed interest in your city in the past year? (Please check all that apply) *
4. Parking Curb/Kerb Management. How do you currently allocate and manage your street curbs/kerbs? *
How is your city approaching curb/kerb demand management? *
Curb/Kerb Management Metrics. What are the most important curb/kerb management metrics your city would want to know about? (Please choose your top 5) *
5. Data Management. Does your City currently collect and manage transportation data from any of the mobility providers? *
The Mobility Data Specification (MDS) is a set of data specifications and data sharing requirements focused on shared mobility.  The MDS helps cities ingest and analyze information from providers who operate in the public right-of-way. Are you familiar with the MDS? *
6. Looking Ahead. Is your City in the process of implementing any new mobility tools in the next year? (Please choose all that apply)   *
If you could get assistance from an outside organization on any of the above topics, what information/tools/best practices would be most urgent and valuable to your City? (Choose your top 5) *
What is the key barrier to getting this assistance? *
Anything else you would like to share about your city's immediate needs to help with this research?
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