Sense without sight / blind navigation workshop & volunteer signup
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This signup form:
Post-participation feedback form:

Please tag posts: #BlindNavigation @saizai 
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What to expect, volunteer roles, links to this form, etc.

# Volunteers needed!

Details at link above. If you might be able to help, please add yourself below (and give contact info) so I can schedule a meetup.

* For workshops: 1-on-1 assistant for student participant; videographer for 1 session 

Duration: 1.5–2.5h
Starting location: TBD 

Sign-up & negative COVID test required.
Contact info
For me:
* urgent: call, not text
* < 1 day response time: SMS, Google Voice/Meet, Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp call/text +15103944724 (+1 510 FYI 4 SAI), or EventPhone call EPVPN x7427 (SAI-7).
* > 1 day response time:, Twitter DM @saizai

For you:

I'm asking so that I can
* get in contact with you quickly during the event
* recognize who you are
* RT you if you post something about it
* follow up on anything in this form
* connect your signup responses here with your feedback responses at 

Nothing will be shared or disclosed except
* with your specific permission
* temporarily with my partner, Alex Fink, to help me contact you and know about your signup
* using your name and pronouns in person

I'm really bad at remembering names and identifying voices of people I don't know well. Please remind me if I forget or don't recognise you by voice.
I'm Sai. Please list whatever you want me to call you IRL; I don't care what's on your ID. If you prefer to be anonymous, please just use the same pseudonym here and on the feedback form.
Mine is EPVPN x7427 (SAI-7), Google/Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp +1 510 394 4724 (+1 510 FYI 4 SAI).
Mine is
Twitter handle
Mine is @saizai.
IRC handle
Mine is saizai.
I use 'they', but anything gender-neutral animate is fine by me.
Clear selection
COVID testing
I'm triple vaccinated, and will take an LFT before workshops.

Because the workshop activities necessarily involves close interpersonal contact without a mask, I will require a negative COVID test from prior 48h for all participants.

I don't care about your vaccination status — only that you have a negative test.
When will you have a COVID test?
Do you want to: *
Pick the first option applicable.
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