Sense without sight / blind navigation: talk pre-survey, workshop & volunteer signup
Details & links to everything:
This signup form:
Post-participation feedback form:

Please tag posts: #BlindNavigation @saizai @EMFCamp
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What to expect, volunteer roles, links to this form, etc.

# Volunteers needed!

Details at link above. If you might be able to help, please add yourself below (and give contact info) so I can schedule a meetup.

* For talk, on stage: "do this" and "don't do this" roles; slides helper/time tracker,/coordinator; uke with aikido, judo, jiujitsu, hapkido, or similar skills
* For talk, off stage: make sharp clap when cued, move through audience holding things (scooter, bike, skateboard, etc helpful but not required)
* For workshops: 1-on-1 assistant for student participant; videographer for 1 session

Negative COVID test required for on-stage assistants & workshop participants.

# Sense Without Sight talk

Friday 3 June, 5:40 pm, Stage C

Per EMF request, there's no Q&A during talk. Just follow me outside afterwards if you have questions or comments, or join one of the workshops.

Sign-up / pre survey: not required, but requested For Science™: (this page)
Feedback after also requested: — results are linked at

# Sense Without Sight / blind navigation workshops

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday at 9pm (sunset), maybe others or by arrangement
Duration: 1–1.5h
Starting location: my tent, near the Hardware Hacking Area, hopefully marked with a conlang flag (purple, yellow, & black, image is like a ziggurat against a sunrise)
Cost: free, but donations to cover my costs welcome (canes are expensive):
Sign-up & negative COVID test required.

# Meditation workshop

Time & location: TBD. Will be posted on URL above,, &
Duration: 2h
Age: 16+
No sign-up, no cost.

Please wear or bring something comfortable for sitting on the ground, bring a drink & snack, pee and stretch beforehand, silence all electronics while at the workshop, do (only) what works for you, & talk to me privately if anything comes up that you don't want to share publicly.

Will be outside if weather permits, inside if not.
Contact info
For me:
* < 1 day response time: *call* EventPhone x4724 (4-SAI) or Signal/Telegram call +15103944724 (+1 510 FYI 4 SAI)
* > 1 day response time:, Twitter @saizai

For you:

I'm asking so that I can
* get in contact with you quickly during the event
* recognize who you are
* RT you if you post something about it
* follow up on anything in this form
* connect your signup / pre-talk responses here with your feedback responses at 

Nothing will be shared or disclosed except
* with your specific permission
* temporarily with my partner, Alex Fink, to help me contact you and know about your signup
* using your name and pronouns in person

I'm really bad at remembering names and identifying voices of people I don't know well. Please remind me if I forget or don't recognise you by voice.
I'm Sai. Please list whatever you want me to call you IRL; I don't care what's on your ID. If you prefer to be anonymous, please just use the same pseudonym here and on the feedback form.
Cell reception is terrible. Best seems to be if your number works on Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp, do please say what works. Please enter your EventPhone number if possible as backup.  Mine is EMF x4724 (4-SAI), EPVPN x7427 (SAI-7), Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp +1 510 394 4724 (+1 510 FYI 4 SAI).
Mine is
Twitter handle
Mine is @saizai.
IRC handle
Mine is saizai.
I use 'they', but anything gender-neutral animate is fine by me.
Clear selection
COVID testing
I'm triple vaccinated, had a negative LFT on 1 June, and will take another LFT on 3 June.

LFTs are available for a nominal fee at the EMF medical tent. I may also have a couple for free if you're assisting me.

Because these activities necessarily involve close interpersonal contact (and some without a mask), I will require a negative COVID test from prior 48h for:
* on-stage talk assistants
* workshop students & assistants
* goalball participants

For anyone else, I don't need to know.

I don't care about your vaccination status — only that you have a negative test.
Will you have a COVID test?
Do you want to: *
Pick the first option applicable.
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