Non-Resident Student Question, Suggestion, Idea & Event Form
Tell the Outreach Coordinators how we can best help UC San Diego non-resident students!
Do you have a question for the Outreach Coordinators or their interns?
Leave us a note and we'll be happy to answer your question and direct you to any campus resources!
Do you have a suggestion on how to improve our programs and outreach to non-resident students?
Leave us a comment so that we can enhance our department and better support UC San Diego non-resident students!
Do you have an idea for a program or event that will be beneficial for non-resident students?
Tell us your thoughts so that we can implement programs and events that all non-resident students will want to participate in!
Do you have an upcoming student org event that you'd like to promote to non-resident students?
Please share your student org name, event details (ie: date, time, location, description, etc.) and a marketing blurb to be shared with students.
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