IWOC Phone Zaps!!
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Please call all of the numbers on this form and read the scripts then enter your name and number at the bottom of the form so we know you called. Please also submit any comments you feel may be helpful too. We will text you every few days to remind you to call again. Solidarity!
Mental Health Services for Marlon Billops
Call the Chief of Mental Health Services, Dr. Melvin Hinton, at 815-727-3607

Say "Marlon Billops K-04496 at Pontiac Correctional is being denied mental health services.His mental health caseworker and psychologist are aware of his mental condition and repeatedly denied his requests for help."
Get Vocational Training for Jon Ziebol
Call the Central Transfer Authority at 573-751-2389

Say this, "I am calling to request that Missouri prisoner Jon Ziebol #1164683 be moved to a facility where he can receive vocational and re-entry training. He has been in prison since he was 15 years old and has no training on how to survive when he is released."

Ask the Parole Board to Let Oliver Lister Go!!
Call the parole board at 512-406-5452

Say this, "I am calling to request that Texas prisoner Oliver Lister #01279183 be granted a special review and be released from prison as soon as possible. He has worked hard to gain skills and education while in prison and he is not a threat to society."

Support Compassionate Clemency for Walter Hunter
Call Governor Jay Nixon at (573) 751-3222 or email https://governor.mo.gov/get-involved/contact-the-governors-office
Call Missouri Department of Probation and Parole at (573) 751-8488 or email probation.parole@doc.mo.gov

Say this, "I am calling to request compassionate clemency for Mr. Walter Hunter, Missouri prisoner number #46747. He is terminally ill, yet was denied medical parole due to statutory requirements. His application for compassionate release is still pending."

More info: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B13-UJjehXaISFduX29qanpVdTA
Call in to Stop Torture of HH Gonzales
Call Warden Shane Place at Baraga Max C.F. at (906) 353-7070. When you get to the full phone menu, pressing 4 will get you to the warden's office/administration. The following is a guide you can adapt:

"I am calling about Harold Gonzales, #194496. I'd like to know why he is being retaliated and discriminated against by being kept in segregation indefinitely. Mr. Gonzales and all other inmates charged in relation to last September at Kinross need to be released from segregation and returned to general population. Long-term segregation is cruel and unusual punishment, and torture. There is no justification for any of them to remain in segregation. When will Mr. Gonzales and all the others from Kinross be released from segregation?"

More info:
Article by Harold Gonzales: http://sfbayview.com/2017/02/michigan-prisoners-speak-out-against-epic-abuse-and-retaliation/
Words from former people formerly at Kinross: https://michiganabolition.org/#post-80
Kinross analysis and coverage: https://michiganabolition.org/
Call in to Stop Torture of Robert Gamez
Call Arizona Dept of Corrections at 1 623.386.6160

Say this, "I am calling to demand that you release Robert Gamez #131401 from solitary confinement immediately. Due to nearly 15 years of torture in solitary confinement in Buckeye State Prison, Robert now suffers from mental health problems. He has depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide and depression. He needs mental health care, not solitary confinement torture."

Read more here https://stopprisontorture.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/final-draft-by-mr-robert-c-gamez/
Shut Down Holman Permanently
Colonel Jeff Dunn, Commissioner of the Department of Corrections 334-353-3870
Grant Culliver, Associate Commissioner 334-353-3813
Cheryl Price, Institutional Coordinator 334-353-3813
Terry Raybon, Warden 251-368-8173


I am calling to let you know that you need to remove everyone from Holman and shut it down. It's the oldest and least secure prison in the state. You can't keep the prisoners safe and secure. You need to get everyone out and shut that place down. Release people if there are issues with overcrowding at other facilities.

Background: https://freealabamamovement.wordpress.com/

Move Curtis Stewart
Call 573-751-2389

Say this, "I am calling to request that you do not move Missouri prisoner Curtis Stewart #182472. It is being suggested that he be moved due to allegations of being too familiar with the staff at his current location. These allegations are untrue and Curtis has numerous enemies throughout the Missouri prison system. Please leave him where he is and use the money saved to implement mediation programs to support our family members who would like to learn these kinds of useful life skills.
Call Limestone Prison Warden Christopher Gordy 256-233-4600
Call Commissioner Jeff Dunn & Ass Comm Grant Culliver  334-353-3883 webmaster@doc.alabama.gov
Call Gov Robert Bentley 334-242-7100
Call Department of Justice 205-244-2001

Say this, "I am calling to demand that you release Robert Earl Council #181418 from solitary confinement and move him out of Limestone Correctional Facility immediately. He was brutally beaten on December 2nd and continues to fear for his life."

Read about Kinetik's work here http://freealabamamovement.com/
Move Matthew Wright
Call here 718-840-4200

Say this: "Hi, I am calling in regards to Matthew Wright (77955054). He was abruptly moved from MCC to MDC and put into segregation with no stated reason. I am calling to demand he be released immediately from segregation and receive documentation as to the reason for his transfer."
Move James Shelby Back to WMCC
Call 573-526-6504 and ask for the Central Transfer Authority

And say this: "Please move Missouri prisoner James Shelby #41244 back to WMCC. He has health issues that were being treated there which are not being treated at TCC. He needs to be moved back to WMCC where the doctors know his medical history and can treat him in a competent manner."

Further action on behalf of James Shelby:
Call Tipton Correctional Facility at 660-433-2031 x2222

Say: "James Shelby #41244 needs appropriate accommodations for his hearing loss, either a hearing aide or access to ASL lessons. Furthermore, Shelby needs to be relieved of the constant harassment of COI Harris, who has targeted him specifically and imposed unjust, arbitrary rules that no other prisoners are forced to comply with. Shelby is being unjustly targeted because of his race, and COI Harris needs to be reassigned somewhere she will not have the authority to torment elderly black men such as Mr. Shelby."
Support Executive Clemency for Eric Clemmons
Call Governor Jay Nixon at (573) 751-3222 or email https://governor.mo.gov/get-involved/contact-the-governors-office

Say this, "I am calling to request executive clemency for Mr. Eric Clemmons, Missouri prisoner number #99956. He was
wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit. He has spent 34 years in prison."

More info: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B13-UJjehXaITkdXNkNDV0NBSTA
Get Medical Attention for Antwon Guest
Please call:

Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri at 573-751-3224

And say this:

If Antwon Guest #1025628 has not received medical attention in the past week, please send him to the infirmary now. He is developing diabetes, has a rash, and is suffering from digestive problems due to poor nutrition.
Give Virginia Prisoners Their Mail
Please call, email, fax these:

VA DOC Director Howard Clarke: 804-674-3000, Director.Clarke@vadoc.virginia.gov
VA Congressman Bobby Scott of the DOC oversight committee: 202-225-8351 (phone), 202-225-8354 (fax)
Warden at Wallens Ridge State Prison 276-523-3310

And say this:

I am deeply concerned about the impending policy change at Wallens Ridge State Prison concerning people's incoming mail.  I believe that denying people access to the original copies of their personal mail, including letters and other approved content, and restricting the length of correspondence is censorship and an aberration of civil rights.  If this policy is implemented on its effective date of 4/17/17, I will continue to oppose it and stand in solidarity with the people incarcerated at Wallens Ridge.
Get Correct Medication for Jon Ziebol - Done!!
Jon's medication is being given to him correctly now. Thank you!!!
Move Jose Latigo - Done!!
Jose says he is doing very well now. They are giving him proper medical treatment and moving him.
Get Showers and Cleaning Supplies for SC Prisoners - Done!!
They have been let off lockdown and received showers and cleaning supplies!
Call In to Stop Medical Torture of Jose Latigo - Done!!
Many thanks to everyone who called and helped remedy this situation!!
Support Prisoner Organizer James Shelby - Done!!
From James - "I believe that I was transferred due to pressure from IWW members. At one point the warden and her assistant called me to the visiting area to meet about all the calls they were receiving due to me medical issues. At the time I was weak as hell and only focused on getting stronger. But! You and other IWW members did me proud until I got better. I do not take your (IWW) support lightly . . . I'm back to being strong as a bull - but I still have issues with not being able to hear in my left ear and light headedness / balance / dizziness . . ."
I made these calls! My name and number is:
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