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Getting started with your brand
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1 First, your business
1a Which industry does your business belong to?
1b Tell us about the main turning points in the history of your business
1c Who are your main competitors?
1d And to finish this section, what sets your business apart from the competition?
2 Let's move on to your brand
2a What are you branding?
2b What's your brand name?
2c And where can we find your website, if you have one?
2d Could you share your brand mission?
2e If your brand were a person, which of the following word groups would best describe them?
2f And which designs would best suit your brand?
2g Okay: And which colors do you feel best represents your brand?
2h Last question in this section. If you had to choose one of these fonts for your brand, which would you choose?
3 Let's talk about your target market
3a So, how old is your target demographic?
3b And what's their average household income over 12 months?
3c How do they find and learn about your brand?
3d What type of marketing is most likely to influence a customer's buying decision?
3e To finish this section, is there something else can you tell us about your customers?
4 Thanks. Now some questions on this particular project
4a What's your budget for this project?
4b And which services are you most interested in?
4c What are your objectives for this project?
4d And do you have a deadline in mind?
5 We're almost done. Just some final questions about you.
5a Let's start with your first name...
5b And your last name?
5c What country do you live in?
5d What's the best email address to reaach you?
5e And finally, could we grab your phone number as well?
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