Society for Community Organization Act for Justice – Trapped signature campaign香港社區組織協會 公義行動-簽名運動
侷住— 房屋攝影展
Trapped— Housing Photo Exhibition



Nowadays, there are 1.34 million people living under poverty line in Hong Kong. Over 200,000 grassroots are forced to inhabit in improper accommodations like the cage houses and sub– divided flats. 40,000 of them are children under 15 years old.

Attention: HK Chief Executive and the Secretary for Transportation and Housing Bureau.

I support the construction of public rental housing, the introduction of tenancy and rent control measures. Let people living in cubicle flats and cage homes improve their living environment. Protect their basic housing right.

15呎的棺材房籠屋 Coffin cage home -15 square feet home
板房兒童只能在床上做功課 No space for children to do homework
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