Science Hack Day India : Hack Submissions
Add your hack on here before Sunday afternoon. We'll tidy them up for everyone to see on
Hack Name *
Hack URL
The URL to play with the hack online (if applicable)
About the hack *
A detailed description of the hack. Lots of people who have never been to a hack day will read this so try to make it clear to a typical non-hacker what the hack does.
Creators *
The first/last names of everyone who was involved with the hack. SEPARATE NAMES WITH COMMAS!
What APIs, data, tools, hardware or kit did you use?
This is especially important if you are hoping to qualify for one of the competition categories
Screenshots, photos, audio or video of your hack
Post it online somewhere and paste the URL to it here
Source code and links
Links to code, resources, etc.
Tools required
Please add the tools you need at SHD innovation Space. We will try to arrange them for you.
Can you bring some useful tools?
You can help us with tools like soldering stations, Digital Multimeters etc...
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