Christmas Camp 2020
Christmas camp is coming and as you may have guessed it will look a little different this year. (Remember, there are no regular lessons in December) You will have the option to sign up for a Christmas Camp Hybrid Option OR Christmas Camp Video only option. What's the difference? Find out below!

#1 - Christmas Camp Hybrid Option- 2/3 of camp will be held live via Zoom, so there will be lots of fun online activities while we travel in time with the Christmas "past" and "present". Christmas "future" will be recorded on Tonara and will be a composition lesson that they will do at home and then share inside our peformance group when they are finished with their composition. Students will also perform a Christmas piece (or two) for each other during camp. 

#2- Christmas Camp Video Only option-  Students will receive a recording of Christmas future composition lesson inside Tonara just as above. In addition, they will receive a recording of Christmas "past" and "present" from one of the live Zoom sessions (minus the hands on activities). This particular recording will be available to watch inside by the 3rd week in December. Don't forget to also share your Christmas pieces inside our performance room!

Please fill out the form no later than Nov. 10th. Thank you!
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