Dover & Deal Labour Party - General Election Volunteer
With a General Election finally her, we are ready to fight a disastrous No Deal Brexit and to start rebuilding a Britain for the many, rather than just for Johnson and his wealthy cronies.

Only Labour is really working to further opportunity, fairness and equality in the U.K. We have had enough of developers land-banking, profiteers leaving empty homes in our town centres and rogue landlords squeezing the last pennies out of those who can barely afford to eat.

We need real environmental protections, we need to stop fracking, live animal exports and numerous other cruelties to our wildlife. We also need to protect all three of our major East Kent hospitals and must fight for a fairer social care system that allows those who have worked hard all their lives to live their last years in dignity.

To win in Dover, Deal and our villages, we need you! If you have time and/or skills to give to our General Election campaign, we would love to hear from you.
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