Know Their Character Strengths
What is best about your son or daughter? What are the character strengths that describe who they are? Knowing this will help you see them and connect with them in a deeper way. Take 5 minutes to answer the 4 questions in this survey form and you’ll be on your way to new levels of seeing, appreciating, and reinforcing what is best in your child!
1. Name 1 specific activity in which your son/daughter is engaged, motivated, and/or happy doing. *
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2. Check the box or boxes next to the character strength(s) your son/daughter is using while doing the activity. Choose no more than 3. *
3. How might you express appreciation/value for their character strengths the next time they do the activity you mentioned in Question #1. *
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4. Pick 1 strength you checked above. How might you encourage your son/daughter to use this strength more in their life? In other words, what will you say or do to encourage this strength in them? *
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Your e-mail, if you provide it here, will NOT be viewable in the spreadsheet that collects everyone’s response to this form. It will be viewable by the form's authors, which allows them to send you any future follow-up questions and information they may learn about character strengths use in people with intellectual disabilities. If you are interested in this but do not want your e-mail associated with your responses, please send a separate e-mail to
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Saving Link to Response Spreadsheet to View Everyone’s Responses Again
After responding to the questions above and clicking SUBMIT below, you will see a link to open the spreadsheet where all responses are automatically collected. The sheet will open in the "Form Responses 2" tab, where you will see your responses in the last row. The "Form Responses 1" tab, with responses from a previous version of the form, can also be viewed. If you want to view the spreadsheet again later to see responses submitted after yours, you will need to copy the link and save it somewhere before you click on it or copy it from the web page address bar after you open the spreadsheet. You can also complete the form again and submit a new response.
More about Character Strengths
Do you ever wonder about those strengths in your son/daughter that are easily expressed and natural for them to use; the ones that describe their character—who they really are? These are their “signature” character strengths. Using our signature character strengths engages our attention and motivates us to act in ways that enhance our well-being and happiness.

If feasible, help your son/daughter use the free, online survey at to get their personal profile ranking of the 24 character strengths. Their signature strength(s) should be in the top 5–7. The link to the surveys (youth and adult) includes a guide for using the youth survey with youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

You may already know the character strengths your son/daughter uses, and if you notice which strengths come naturally to them, are easily used in different situations and make activities more engaging, these are probably their signature strengths.

This link provides a snapshot look at the 24 character strengths.

Message from Lead Author
My personal interest in character strengths use in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is encouraged by others working on this topic, including university and other non-profit educators whose professional experience has been very helpful in developing this form. David Jespersen, Member, San Diego-Imperial Regional Advisory Committee, State Council on Developmental Disabilities
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